Beginnings; 1997; Prom Night Edit

  • On a prom night in 1997, Wayne O'Neally and his girlfriend Olivia Blacke are overjoyed when Olivia wins the title of prom queen at their prom. However, the sassy gothic girl, and Olivia's sister, Mae Blacke is less impressed, and follows the two after prom ends to their intimate spot deep within Sapphire Falls.
    • Wayne brings Olivia to a picnic he set up on a cliffside, overlooking a large waterfall. Olivia is wearing a scarlett-colored prom dress. Wayne and Olivia's picnic date eventually leads up to some hidden sex, where they travel to an even more intimate spot behind some bushes that are surrounded by a patch of sharp roses. 
    • Olivia leaves her prom queen tiara behind, wrapped in the picnic blanket that had been set up. 
  • Mae, unable to help herself, comes out of the bushes and admires the tiara, but ends up putting it on. She acidentally makes noise, causing Wayne to stop the sex and peek out to see what it is.
    • Wayne sees Mae, and immediately gets defensive, calling her a creep, unaware that she is Olivia's sister. When Olivia realizes he is yelling at Mae, she tries to stop him in hopes of comforting Olivia. 
    • Mae gets upset, and points out that Olivia is wearing the dress that Mae wanted, however, it didn't fit her. Olivia tries to comfort Mae by saying that the dress is a bit too big on her, and lifts up the back end which was tucked into her pants, but now it's dragging out behind her. 
      • Wayne doesn't stop, however, and gets in Mae's face. Upset but angry, she drops the tiara and it rolls to the side. Olivia goes to pick it up, but trips over her dress, (the part that she had untucked.)
  • Somehow, Olivia is going to end up tripping and falling off the edge of the cliff, killing her. 

Beginnings; 2002; Sapphire Falls CliffsEdit

  • Ivan Brennigan, a member of a travelling paranormal team, is sitting on the egde of the same cliff that Olivia Blacke had fallen off of just 5 years before. He is smoking weed, feeling defeated and out-of-it. He notices a patch of dead roses. 

Coffee Shop; 2017Edit