Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Mario 21st 18th 16th 4th 20th ???
Luigi 16th 13th 7th 3rd 24th ???
Peach 15th 5th 5th 16th 20th ???
Bowser 24th
Rosalina 8th ???
Wendy 11th 11th 12th 18th ???
Iggy 13th
Roy 14th
Link 10th 1st 19th 20th 8th ???
Zelda 8th 4th 1st 10th 15th ???
Ganondorf 14th 10th 24th 25th
Sheik 11th
Toon Link 31st 1st 7th ???
Donkey Kong 33rd
Diddy Kong 28th 6th 19th 10th ???
Wario 9th 28th ???
Kirby 29th
Meta Knight 5th ???
King DeDeDe 20th 14th 17th 21st ???
Zero Suit Samus 6th 8th 22nd 5th 6th ???
Dark Samus 4th 9th 12th ???
Fox 27th
Falco 26th 9th 20th 13th 10th ???
Pikachu 13th
Jigglypuff 32nd 23rd 14th ???
Charizard 7th
Lucario 14th
Mewtwo 17th
Captain Falcon 7th 17th 18th 18th ???
Ness 3rd 7th 4th 15th 3rd ???
Lucas 11th 26th
Pit 23rd 11th 10th 2nd 1st ???
Dark Pit 19th 15th 15th 6th ???
Palutena 1st 13th 19th ???
Marth 2nd 19th 8th 16th 19th ???
Ike 25th 6th 12th ???
Lucina 4th
Robin 8th 17th 4th ???
Corrin 15th
Olimar 17th
Alph 12th 27th
Villager 30th 2nd 21st 5th 9th ???
Female Villager 2nd
Inkling 16th ???
Wii Fit Trainer 18th 3rd 22nd ???
Little Mac 18th
Duck Hunt 9th 20th 9th ???
Shulk 22nd
ROB 34th
Sonic 5th 21st 2nd 23rd 3rd ???
Pac Man 17th 16th
Cloud 12th 3rd 2nd 7th ???
Ryu 6th ???
Bayonetta 13th 12th 14th 1st 11th ???
  1. The Smash-Off: Origins
  2. The Smash-Off: Second Chance
  3. The Smash-Off: Rumble Around the World
  4. The Smash-Off: Fans vs. Favorites
  5. The Smash-Off: Game Changers
  6. The Smash-Off: Fans vs. Favorites 2
  7. The Smash-Off: Final Destination


Participation Edit

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