Contestant Original Season Returned For User
Satan Philippines All-Stars & Game Changers Owenandheatherfan
Mike & Richard Philippines Reddy vs. Fire Mister.. E.
Sue Philippines Reddy vs. Fire BadAsp
Teddy Roosevelt Philippines Reddy vs. Fire Survivor321
Matt von Ertfelda Philippines All-Stars That Epic
Ric Nelson Panama Reddy vs. Fire COKEMAN11
Town Crier Panama Reddy vs. Fire Thebiggesttdifan
Gia Marchetti Panama All-Stars Sunslicer2
Phill Shapperds Panama All-Stars BrunoSomebody
Saison Maguerite Panama All-Stars Fann Y. Fiction
Dr. Spaceman Panama Second Chance EnTrey
Taylor Swift Panama Second Chance 1dra7
Myra Sartain Australia Reddy vs. Fire & Game Changers BrunoSomebody
Brenda Caramoan ​Australia All-Stars COKEMAN11
Russell Hantz ​Australia Fans vs. Favorites EnTrey
Midge Pinciotti ​Australia Second Chance Shadowgeoff
Vince Reddy vs. Fire All-Stars SpaceWeather
Yejide Akiloye Reddy vs. Fire Game Changers Sunslicer2
Ezekiel Hawaii All-Stars & Game Changers Mister.. E.
Marianne Sveen ​Hawaii All-Stars & Game Changers Toadgamer80
Jack ​Hawaii All-Stars Ginga Ninja Jack
Marisa Calihan ​Hawaii All-Stars Shadowgeoff
Cole Clemence China All-Stars & Game Changers Avery FireFlame
Marie Antoinette ​China All-Stars Jaxswim
Mercy ​China All-Stars 1dra7
Probst109 ​China All-Stars Ben109
Christine ​China Second Chance Toadgamer80
Sarah Gale ​China Second Chance Sunslicer2
Tinsley India Second Chance & Game Changers GhostNoises
Melisandre India Fans vs. Favorites BrunoSomebody
Kris India Game Changers That Epic
Fauna Angola Fans vs. Favorites & Game Changers Shadowgeoff
Marianna ​Angola Fans vs. Favorites GhostNoises
Gloria Mendoza ​Angola Second Chance Owenandheatherfan
Max Sweden Fans vs. Favorites Mister.. E.
Apocalypse Meow Sweden Second Chance Ben109
Fig Huckers Sweden Second Chance Avery FireFlame
Jaxdrown Sweden Second Chance Jaxswim
Lindsay Redemption Island Fans vs. Favorites & Game Changers 1dra7
Lightning Redemption Island Second Chance Mister.. E.
Chadrick Redemption Island Game Changers Thebiggesttdifan
Avery IceFreez Egypt Fans vs. Favorites Avery FireFlame
IsterMe Egypt Second Chance Thebiggesttdifan
Linus Cook Islands Fans vs. Favorites Nduke
Toph Bei Fong Greece Second Chance Ashley Hikari
Iron Sheik Greece Game Changers NateNJ14
Cathy Chad Second Chance Nduke
Shirin Oskooi Chad Second Chance BrunoSomebody
Hayley Keel Peru Game Changers AudreyBeckyBB17Fan
Chanel Oberlin New Zealand Game Changers Jaxswim
SJWario Canada Game Changers EnTrey
Barbie Portugal Game Changers Ashley Hikari
Ika Wong Mamanuca Game Changers Nduke

Most Times Played Together in Multiple Returning Player SeasonsEdit

# Contestants # Seasons Seasons
1 Marianne Ezekiel 3 Hawaii All-Stars Game Changers
2 Marianne Ezekiel Cole Satan 2 All-Stars Game Changers
Fauna Lindsay 2 Fans vs. Favorites Game Changers

Number of Returning Players Per Season (Highest to Lowest)Edit

# Season # of Returnees Returning Players
Panama 7 Ric Town Crier Gia Phil Saison Dr. Spaceman Taylor
Philippines 5 Satan Mike & Richard Sue Teddy Matt
Australia 4 Myra Brenda Russell Midge
Reddy vs. Fire 2

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