2 Hour Premiere EpisodeEdit


Contestant Dialouge
Intense music begins to play as the Game Changers logo appears on the screen. The logo laying in the middle of a beach, waves crashing against it as the thunder in the distance gets louder and ancient voices plays in the background.
We cut to Reddy Probst, who is standing on a wrecked ship in the middle of the ocean. He is looking at the viewers.
Reddy: Welcome to Mamanuca. This lush collection of shipwrecked islands in Fiji will be the battleground of the 24th season of Redvivor. 
The camera flashes across a portion of the 16 contestants, showing Chanel smiling at the camera, Wario scratching his butt, Marianne smiling weakly, and Tinsley twisting the brand new ribbons in her hair.
Reddy: Over the past 23 seasons, Redvivor has seen an abundance of shocking moments, unforgettable characters, and, most importantly, a strategic game that pushes the boundaries and morphed the flow of the game of Redvivor like never before.
Flashes of different game-changing moments from Redvivor's past are shown, including Marianne competing as the final member of her tribe in the Hot Potato challenge during Hawaii, Ezekiel being crowned the winner of All-Stars, Lindsay beginning a challenge before it was announced in Greece, Fauna beating Toph in the firemaking challenge in Greece, Satan causing Luna to have a breakdown in Philippines, Chanel assembling her alliance in New Zealand, and Tinsley enslaving one of her tribemates from Japan.
Reddy: These are the players who changed the game.
The camera flashes to confessionals that re-introduce some of the contestants. Heroic music is playing.
Fauna: It's been a really long time since I've been out here and I've done a lot of growing up since but I still love Redvivor(squeals) I thought I'd be over it by now but when I saw Marianne, and Chadrick, and Myra...! (sheds a tear)
Marianne: Okay, well, I'm here. It's been a while since I rejoined this shitshow. I mean, I had a kid, and now I'm fat and out of shape. Well, even moreso than usual. But, I only know like, three people here. It's going to be a rough one.
Barbie: I'm back! Today, I'm fitness Barbie! People have no work ethic, which is why they're going to lose! As a fitness freak, I know I can out run, out bench, and out win the competition! (smiles)
Mischevious, villainous music begins to play.
Satan: My name is still Lucifer. I'm 6,666 years old and I'm the literal embodiement of chaos and darkness. Oh, and I can hold my breath for 5 minutes. This cast is strong, and while I can relate to these damned souls, the blood of these innocents will be spilled.
Ika: Last time, I basically dominated the pre-merge game, but I know I came off too strong, too early. My strategy this time isn't to roll over and die, because that isn't Ika Wong. I need more allies this time, and I intend to win.
Tinsley: I'm back my adoring fans! And guess what? ...I'm more broke than ever but I still have expensive taste and that's why I'm here. Me and my daddy need the cash grand prize to afford our lifestyle! I'm in a tough position right now. What's a girl to do!? (buries face in hands)
The camera cuts to the ship where all 16 contestants are sitting in front of Reddy. Reddy watches everyone excitedly.
Reddy: Welcome to the 24th season of Redvivor(everyone cheers) Fauna, how does it feel to know that you were selected out of over 200 contestants a game changer? 
Fauna: (smiling nervously) I was really excited when I saw the kinds of people that were here (camera cuts to Marianne and Kris) ... and then I sort of had a realization that... I'm still just kind of a squealing girl on the internet?
Laughs are heard around the group.
Reddy: Marianne. We have to check in with you. Obviously as one of the most well-known players here, does what Fauna is saying ring true at all? Are there reputations to be upheld this season?
Marianne: I mean, I feel like we're all game changers in some way. Everyone here. I just assume that, like... that's the reason we all returned, huh?
Fauna is shown smiling and nodding.
Reddy: It should be noted that some of you are playing for your third time (Myra and Ezekiel are shown) And some of you even WON the game! (Chadrick and Kris are shown) Does that intimidate any of the more recent players here?
Chanel: (raises hand) I don't think so. I just want to say that everyone seems lovely and I can't wait to play a fun game with you all. (smiles)
Chanel: (staring at the camera) This cast is a FREAKSHOW. But, after what happened last time, I have to be nicer... so... (dramatisizes twitching) ...It's kiss-up time.
Ika: I don't even know what Chanel is doing here besides gluing her $1.50 extentions on this damn island. Like, did you really think they weren't going to get ruined? It's better to go all natural in this bitch.
Lindsay: (raising hand) I'm here for my third time!!! The first time I was MEAN! The second time I was MEANER! And this time... (pauses while everyone stares at her) I forgot what I was saying. Oh, well! I actually have a question.
Quirky, humourous music begins to play.
Reddy: Yes, Lindsay? (Marianne is shown rolling her eyes.)
Lindsay: Who will be my partner this season? ...We're racing in pairs, right? Around the world?
Reddy: ...Right, I forgot. Of course, Lindsay, you doll. (smiling)
Ika: Lindsay? Dumber than a bag of rocks.
Serious music begins again.

Alright... Anyway, you all have already been divided into your tribes. (motions toward the contestants) Wearing red, we have the Teamana tribe, which consists of Chadrick, Marianne, Satan, IronSheik, Barbie, Kris, Yejide, and Chanel.

Wearing blue, we have the Nukunuca tribe, which consists of Myra, Lindsay, Ika, Wario, Tinsley, Hayley, Fauna, and Ezekiel. Redvivor: Game Changers begins now! 

Below this boat there is a raft for each tribe. You can take those rafts using the map I'm about to give you to reach your tribe beach. From there, the game begins!

Reddy tosses each tribe a map to their beach and players begin jumping off the boat and climbing onto their rafts. FitnessBarbie and Chadrick are shown working especially hard to paddle the Teamana raft while the rest of their team watches in amusement.

No one here is going to out-fitness me in this game. And that's because no one else here is subscribed to the BROGRAM. This is Game Changers, and my best bet to win for a second time is work my ASS off, BRO!


Happy music plays as Wario, Ika, Lindsay, Fauna, Hayley, Myra, Ezekiel, Tinsley paddle up to the Nukunuca tribe on their raft and see their tribe flag. Everyone is talking happily and Myra is shown not helping Fauna as she awkwardly attempts to exit the raft and onto the beach.
Myra: Nobody from my original season is here, I think. Which is good. They voted me off first. I may or may not have murdered them at some point. But god damn this cast is so... over the top. It's gonna be hard for me to stand out! Bring me that dud Firedvivor cast. I was the star of that shit.
The contestants are shown standing in a circle introducing themselves to one another, and Yejide is highlighted.
Yejide: I am wet, like the waves swarming upon the shores. Taking men into me like a current as others struggle to pull them back. I am wet. (Myra is shown looking horrified)
Myra: But, whoa I see Yejide from my second season. But this is Game Changers, and I'm a game changer and I'm going to make alliances and beat all of these PUSSIES. 
Awkward music plays as Myra attempts to make conversation with Yejide on the beach.
Myra: How are ya, Yejide? Still writing poetry?
Yejide: My thoughts pour out like the blood from my womb. A cycle of endless conceptions and ideas.
Myra: Yeah, okay, so this bitch is just as hard to talk to as she was back in Firedvivor. Forget her ASS. (takes a sip of vodka) I'm just pissed because I know there's gonna be ALLIANCES left and right and I can already see relationships forming between the boys so I'm just PISSED.
Myra is shown uncomfortably nodding at Yejide, and then the focus shifts to Ezekiel, Wario, Hayley, and Fauna, who are all working on the shelter. Motivational music is playing, but begins to die down when a conversation begins.
Fauna: I really, really, really wish we had Chadrick on our tribe! He's super strong, and rumors have it that he's gay! I want to get to the bottom of that(giggles)
Ezekiel: yo yo yo well im not gay fauna.
Wario: WAH, Zeke, stop being homophobic! There's nothing wrong with being gay.
Ezekiel: (looking bored) yo, im not homophobic. i just don't associate with the gays.
Wario: Wario doesn't take kindly to homophobia.
Ezekiel: WAAAAA?
Wario grumbles at Ezekiel making fun of him, and Hayley watches intensley. Strategic music begins to play.
Hayley: Last time I played Redvivor, I had to play with Chris Christie, who was SO obese, so it's nice to see everyone here is healthy and concious about fitness! (smiles) Also, I'm a GIRL, and I'm on a tribe of mostly females, and I don't think Ezekiel and Wario are going to be working together any time soon! So yay!
Footage of Wario and Ezekiel disagreeing over the shelter is shown.
Wario: WARIO IS A FEMINIST! WAAA! SO WARIO IS GLAD TO BE ON A TEAM OF STRONG WOMEN! (twists mustache) Except for Zeke, who is homophobic, and doesn't understand feminism! wAAAAAA!
Ezekiel: wario, how you gonna be a girl?
Hayley and Fauna are shown looking at each other in confusion.
Hayley: Overall, the boys are probably going to go FIRST! I mean, they're just really rude! Wario is loud and always scratches his butt, which, as an ER nurse, I know is very unhealthy! And Zeke basically disagrees with everything Wario says! But, oh well, at least I'll be safe for the first few rounds!
Wario is shown picking crust out of his butt as Hayley watches from a distance, and then the camera cuts to a commerical break.


Confessional CountEdit

Episode 1Edit

  • Ika: 3
  • Myra: 3
  • Hayley: 2
  • Barbie: 1
  • Chadrick: 1
  • Chanel: 1
  • Fauna: 1
  • Marianne: 1
  • Satan: 1
  • Tinsley: 1
  • Wario: 1
  • Cole: 0
  • Ezekiel: 0
  • IronSheik: 0
  • Kris: 0
  • Lindsay: 0
  • Yejide: 0