1. Jason (The Spiritual Musician)  
  2. Rex (The Upbeat Athlete)
  3. Valentine (The Easygoing Valley Girl)      
  4. Randy (The Young Scholar)    
  5. Wanda (The Thrill Seeker)       
  6. Fiona (The Dedicated Journalist)  
  7. Nelley (The Independent Teen Mom)    
  8. Franklin (The Awkward Pushover)
  9. Finnigan (The Fisherman)   
  10. Bert (The New Age Gay)   
  11. Joyce (The Painfully Nice Girl)
  12. Allison (The Social Media Master)
  13. Pam (The Quirky Workaholic)   
  14. Sid (The Lazy Blogger)
  15. Bruna-Maria (The "Friendly" Brazilian)
  16. Charlie (The Aspiring Filmmaker)
  17. Claire (The Quiet Collector)
  18. Lana (The Realist)
  19. Musky (The Survival Expert)
  20. Patrick (The Fantasy Roleplayer)
  21. Sean (The Cynical Survivor Fan)
  22. Tori (The Eccentric Disney Fan)
  23. Bentley (The Supernerd)
  24. Levi (The Textbook Mean Girl)
  25. Vivian (The Hunger Games Expert)
  26. Mikey (The Good Ol' Mama's Boy)
  27. Jenna (The Fashionista)
  28. Terra (The Diciplined Athlete)
  29. Ariel (The Alien Obsessed Girl)
  30. Allen (The Gentle Giant)

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