Tribe Affiliation Rewards Punishments Finish
Original Team Shipwreck Twist Jury Phase
Julianna Davis
44, New Orleans, LA
Barataria 1st Voted Out
Episode 1
Peter Caewn
21, Boston, MA
Delahaye 2nd Voted Out
Episode 1
Cameron Townes
34, Albany, NY
Barataria 3rd Voted Out
Episode 2
Garrett Lopez
37, Sun Island, CA
Kaz Lux Kaz Lux 4th Voted Out
Episode 3
Katrina Anthony
26, New York, NY
Kaz Lux Shipwreck 5th Voted Out
Episode 4
Sara Weathers
54, Clarksville, TN
Kaz Lux Kaz Lux 6th Voted Out
Episode 5
Mae Tawali
19, Miami, FL
Barataria Barataria 7th Voted Out
Episode 6
Leroy Palowski
27, Salt Lake, UT
Delahaye Delahaye Tortuga Jury 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Episode 7
Miranda Pearson
25, Dallas, TX
Barataria Barataria 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Episode 8
Paul Delters
54, Little Rock, AK
Delahaye Delahaye 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Episode 9
Lisa Sweeton
34, Nashville, TN
Delahaye Delahaye 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Episode 9
Pau Bei
Pua Bei Chan
60, Westown, MA
Kaz Lux Shipwreck 1 Evacuated
5th Jury Member
Episode 10
Sabina Ross
23, Topeka, KS
Delahaye Delahaye 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Episode 10
Tony Williams
23, Seattle, WA
Kaz Lux Shipwreck 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Episode 11
Halbert Quinnely
67, Walters, AZ
Barataria Barataria 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Episode 12
Ingrid Fosters
22, Atlanta, GA
Kaz Lux Kaz Lux 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Episode 12
Dave Highwater
36, Rockwell, IN
Barataria Shipwreck Runner-Up
Episode 12
Dahlia Bellflower
45, Dalesboro, AL
Delahaye Delahaye Winner
Episode 12

Season Summary Edit

Episode 1 - "Ready to Battle Like a Warrior" (Part 1)

The season begins with the contestants arriving on three seperate boats to a larger ship, where the host, Avery, stands at the captain's wheel, awaiting their arrival. While the contestants ride up to the ship, the camera goes from boat to boat and a few contestants are introduced to the audience. The camera first focuses on a blue boat, which holds the Barataria team, which is named after Barataria Bay, which was once a pirate stronghold near Louisiana.

"I'm here to play BIG. My normal life sucks. I'm an accountant, so I'm sitting at a computer all day punching in numbers for hours on end. But as we got closer to that massive pirate ship, I think everyone was getting the vibe that we need to make big moves to win this game. I'm ready!"
"Do I think the youngin's here are going to want to align with a 67-year-old college professor? Haha, of course not. But I'm gonna make them want to play with me. I know how to build trust with people, I do it everyday with my students."

The camera moves onto the gray boat, which is carrying the members of the Kaz Lux team, which is named after Kazimierz Lux, a pirate during the Haitian War of Independence. 

"I'm just looking around and really hoping that I'm going to be on a team with the people who are sitting next to me, because I don't get along with most people, but I'm really, like, digging the older woman with the red hair, and the stronger African American dude."
"The younger girl with the red hair looks like she's gonna be a pain in my ass. Heheh! I'm just thinking, what is this princess doing out here? She's pretty, I mean, but this is all out war! Ha! And i'm ready to battle like a warrior, man."

The camera moves onto the last boat, a gold colored boat, which is carrying the members of the Delahaye team, which is named after Jacquotte Delahaye, a female Haitian pirate.

"Look, I know I'm a good looking guy. I'm okay with admitting that... haha. But am I going to walk around and be the cocky, golden boy? Of course I'm not. Well... we'll see. I have trouble holding back sometimes."
"I'm a mom first. That's my #1 job. But I have more to me, and I hope I can make people see that."

The boats pull up to the bottom of the ship, and the contestants climb up a ladder which leads them to the top of the ship, where Avery is waiting, and smiling. The contestants crowd together, still separated by color, and the host introduces them to the first season of Finale.

Avery explains that the season is going to rely heavily on teamwork, as the contestants will become pirate crews and battle each other at sea. Of course, there will still be organized challenges and periodical eliminations.

"Avery reinforced teammwork a lot, which, honestly, concerns me a bit... haha... I don't always work well with others, and I'm more here for the strategy aspect of the game. But I'm trying to fight the nerdy-professional-chess player stereotype. I want to be a team player."

Avery officially tells everyone their team, or crew, names, and the meaning behind all the names. Then, Avery directs everyone's attention to the cloud of mist beyond the ship, where three massive pirate ships suddenly sail out of. Everyone excitedly cheers as a dark, navy blue, a steel-gray colored, and a bright, gold-colored ship sail up to the ship everyone is on.

The host asks "the woman in the middle," who is Dahlia, how it feels to see that the game is officially on. "It's insane! I'm so ready to kick some ass!" Dahlia replies, leading to cheers from the rest of her team, while triggering suspicious looks from Julianna and Mae on Barataria. Avery asks Julianna about her suspicious reaction, to which Julianna replies, "Avery, the game is clearly on. Let's go girl, let's go." Dahlia laughs. 

Before the players are dismissed, Avery lets them know that there will be one other major twist down the road, leading to some shocked looks from the players. Finally, everyone is dismissed.

Delahaye Ship (Day 1)

After the intro plays, the Delahaye crew is the first team to be showed. Everyone is socialiazing happily, and introducing themselves, and Leroy is shown at the helm of the ship, smiling and grabbing the ship's wheel.

"I really don't think I could have been put on a better crew. The first thing I can see is that we're all super beautiful. Lisa and Sabina look like kickass competitors, and Paul is, like, the coolest older man I've ever met. Even the older lady Dahlia, that lady has some style. She's a little crazy, but it's cool."

Dahlia is shown twirling around in her yellow sundress, laughing. 

"I'm not somebody who's going to be scared to have fun. I'm older, which concerns me a bit, because of lot of this team is younger people, but all I can do is be myself and hopefully wow them with my spirit. I've got a lot of energy in this old body, and I want to spend time talking to people."

Dahlia walks up to Leroy, who is still standing at the steering wheel of the ship. The two have some small talk for a bit, but then Dahlia looks behind her and back at Leroy and tells him that she trusts him. Leroy agrees, and the two chat about the stronger-looking competitors on the team, including themselves. 

"I didn't think I was going to trust Leroy from the beginning, but I really do. He's a good kid. And I think we both have a similar mindset on wanting to keep the crew strong. There's some weaker links on the team that make me look like a professional bodybuilder, HA!"

Footage of Peter failing at opening a barrel while Sabina watches him is shown, magnifying Peter as a physical weak player.

Barataria Ship (Day 1)

The footage moves onto the Barataria crew, who are already unpacking barrels of food on the inside of the ship. Everyone is introducing themselves and making small talk, except for Dave, who seems to be looking around for something.

"Everyone is sitting around the barrels talking about their awesome careers, and I'm obviously not really interested in sharing about my boring real life routine, so I started searching around for some kind of advantage in the barrels. An extra Reward or Punishment or something, but I couldn't find it."

Some contestants take notice of Dave's searching, including Julianna, who eventually calls him out on it. Dave awkwardly sits back down with the group and tries to play it off like he was looking for extra food. No one seems to think anything of it, except for Cameron.

"I've always been an observant guy. Observations so far? Julianna has already put her foot in her mouth twice in this game, and that worries me. But Dave... the guy knows why he's here, and I would rather be on his side if he does find some kind of advantage or something like that. You never know."

The focus shifts to Mae and Miranda, who are sitting on the top deck, tying knots and chatting. Mae comments that the fact that she's on a pirate ship in the middle of the Caribbean is amazing, and Miranda eventually asks how old Mae. Mae laughs and tells Miranda she's only 19, and that she hopes she can trust Miranda with the information. 

"I really don't want the fact that I just graduated high school to worry my teammates... but I told Miranda I just turned 19 because I trust her, I guess. I'm hoping she keeps it between us, haha! But if she decides not to, I can figure it out as I go. I'm pretty good at working on my own."
"Okay, I'm here to play the game as a snake in the grass. I'm a wild child, and people never seem to notice that. A perfect example of that is when Mae told me she's only just started college, which, is pretty incredible that she's out here and everything, but it doesn't mean I owe her anything!"

Footage of Miranda laughing and smiling at Mae is shown, and Mae looks down uncomfortably. 

Kaz Lux Ship (Day 1)

The Kaz Lux crew seems to have a much more difficult time interacting with each other, and there's shown to be a clear divide between young and old. Ingrid, Katrina, (who has been going by "Kat"), and Tony are all working on knots on the top of the ship, while Sara, Pua Bei, and Garrett are shown belowdeck, looking through barrels.

Pau Bei
"Oh, yes, there is a... very clear divide among the team. The older people like, um, me and Garrett, and the older woman [Sara], wanted to look for food first. We felt like that is most important to winning challenge."
"Yeah, um, we never really introduced ourselves to each other, we just kind of had two different groups go do different jobs, and it was really awkward, haha. Honestly, I don't think the older Asian guy has any business being out here. He just seems confused right now."

Footage of Pua Bei finding a fishing rod in a barrel is shown. Sara high-fives him.

Pau Bei
"I use to live in Thailand with my family years ago. We had a farm, and I know a lot about outdoors that I don't think many of the younger people know 'bout. I am happy because I just found fishing rod and now I can catch fish from the ocean, and feed everyone's belly, hahah!"

Footage of Pua Bei smiling and extending his fishing rod into the ocean is shown. Moments later, Pua Bei excitedly rips the rod out of the ocean and swings it onto the deck. A huge, white fish is shown flopping around at the end of the hook, and Pua Bei smiles and calls everyone over. 

"I think we were all kind of skeptical of Pua Bei at first, being an older crewmate, but I think he proved himself by catching that fish, and I'm happy for him. It's just a reminder to me that I need to try to work with anyone on this team, because the person on the bottom could be on the top tomorrow."

Pua Bei is shown cutting up the fish while joyful music plays, and the Kaz Lux team enjoys their first meal together belowdeck. "Yo, look at us!" Tony yells with his mouth full. He pats Pua Bei on the back, and he laughs. 

Barataria Ship (Night 1)

The members of Barataria are shown sleeping belowdeck, as the ship quietly creaks in the dark. The only other noise is the sound of rummaging in the distance, which wakes up Cameron and causes him to quietly look around. Dave is shown digging through more crates, looking for something.

Dave suddenly notices an open floorboard next to one of the crates, and pries it open, revealing a wrapped up scroll. He grabs it excitedly and holds it out to the camera. "See that?" he says, "This is how you play Finale!"

"So, my craziness has been justified, because I found something under a loose floorboard, but I can't read what it says yet because it's way too dark. But I know it's some kind of advantage, or something, and I'm pumped. I'm just praying no one noticed, because I was so close to everyone."

"Hey, what are you doing?" Cameron whispers intensley in the dark, standing up and walking over to Dave. Dave turns toward him and awkwardly stuffs something in his suit jacket. "What's that?" Cameron asks.

"I wake up, and I hear some weird noises from across the room, and I see Dave shuffling around on the floor, which doesn't surprise me at all. So I decide I'm gonna rat him out on it, so I walk over to him. And of course, he isn't subtle at all, which seems to be David's specialty. So I'm like, 'awesome, I caught this guy.'

"What?" Dave asks, seeming confused. Cameron gets closer. "I saw you find something," he whispers, "can you show me?"

"I didn't originally see Cameron being the person on this team that I was going to have to worry about, but he's apparently more aware than I thought, so he busts me for finding the scroll, and I decide to just show him, because the situation was becoming more awkward by the second, and I was worried someone else was going to wake up."

Dave shows Cameron the scroll, but tells him that he can't read what it says because it's so dark. "Isn't there a light anywhere?" Cameron asks, looking around. "No," Dave whispers, "but if you wait until tomorrow then you can read it with me. I trust you. Are we good?" Cameron shakes hands with Dave. Meanwhile, Julianna has her eyes open from her bed and is watching everything.

"I thought it was real cute that Dave and Cameron thought that they could sneak something past Julianna. No honey, I heard everything. But I also know they didn't get to read whatever advantage Dave found, so I'll confront them tomorrow about it. No panic in this girl!"
"I'm grateful I saw Dave finding the scroll, because it's going to lock us in as allies, and I need someone who has my back. I'm still concerned, though, because it's obvious that David is sneaky, and I don't trust him completely yet. And for all we know, that scroll could be absolutely nothing.

Dave is shown stuffing the scroll in his pocket and going to bed along with Cameron, and the camera turns to Julianna, who is grinning. 

Delahaye Ship (Day 2)

The next morning, Leroy sits on the top of the deck with Paul and Peter and watches the sunrise. Peter is trying to tie a knot, but struggles, and Leroy continously glances at him. Eventually, Paul offers to help.

"We all know we have a challenge this afternoon, but none of us know what it's going to be. But I myself am curious to see how Peter does. This poor kid seems to be bad at everything. Haha, I know it sounds bad, but I hope he's just as bad during the challenge as we're all expecting him to be, because if we do lose, the biggest target will be on Peter's back, and off of mine."

Peter is shown looking nervous as Dahlia walks out from belowdeck and says good morning to Leroy. 

"It doesn't take a genius to see that I'm at the bottom of this team's pecking order. I don't like Leroy. I feel like he wants me to fail a lot of times, but nonetheless, he's apparently close with Dahlia and Paul, and if I want any chance of staying in this game, I need to get on the good side of that majority."

Paul, Leroy, and Dahlia are shown walking away from Peter, leaving him alone at the head of the ship.

Challenge - Shots in the Night (Day 2)

Avery is shown standing on his own ship, and calls the other competitors into the challenge. The contestants all stand on their respective team mats, and Avery looks at Tony, who is smiling, and asks how Kaz Lux is doing.

"Well, we started out a little rocky!" Tony exclaims, building up the excitment, "But this guy caught us a fish and we chowed down last night!" he said, grabbing Pua Bei on the shoulder and shaking him. Pua Bei smiles and laughs.

Avery nods and explains the challenge. In the challenge, each team has a cannon stationed at an end of the ship, and out in the ocean are a set of colored targets, (5 for each team). Every team will have 2 shooters, who will attempt to aim and shoot cannon balls at their team's targets. As a twist, every team will also elect one member to be in control of the "Freeze Button," which will momentarily stop a team's cannon, halting their participation in the game. The two teams to knock down all of their targets win, and the first team to do so will be able to Reward or Punish one player from either of the other teams. The losing team will attend the Elimination Dinner and vote someone out.

The shooters are Miranda and Cameron for Barataria, Leroy and Paul for Delahaye, and Tony and Garrett for Kaz Lux. The button overseers are Mae for Barataria, Peter for Delahaye, and Katrina for Kaz Lux. 

"3... 2... 1... GO!"

Cameron, Leroy, and Tony attempt the first shots, and there's shown to be a learning curve to shooting. Leroy and Tony are the first to hit a target, and Leroy keeps shooting, while Tony switches out with Garrett. Leroy knocks down the second target for Delahaye, and Cameron gets the first for Barataria.

"Let me go in!" Miranda shouts to Cameron, but he ignores her and keeps shooting. Julianna rolls her eyes from the sidelines.

"Should I press the button!?" Peter yells to Leroy, who tells him not to. 

Leroy hits another target, keeping Delahaye in the lead, with targets knocked down. Garrett hits a target for Kaz Lux, putting them back in 2nd place. Leroy hits another target, giving Delahaye only one target left. Mae, panicking, pushes the button to freeze Leroy, and he groans in anger as his cannon is stalled.

"It's okay!" Paul shouts, not bothered by the fact that he hasn't gone in, "We've still got this!" 

Garrett hits another target, and switches out with Tony, who hits another target. Kaz Lux and Delahaye are now tied, and Leroy shouts for Peter to press the freeze button on Kaz Lux, which he does. With both competition frozen, Cameron finally switches with Miranda, who is irritated, and she knocks down 2 more targets, closing the gap tremendously. 

Finally, Leroy is unfrozen, and continously tries to hit the last target for Delahaye. Meanwhile, Miranda hits another target, tying Barataria up with everyone else. After minutes have gone by, Leroy hits the last target for Delahaye, winning the challenge

The battle is left between Barataria and Kaz Lux for 2nd place. From the sidelines, Dave looks extremely nervous. Eventually, Tony knocks down the final target for Kaz Lux, giving them 2nd place. Barataria has lost.

While Kaz Lux celebrates their victory, Barataria looks upset, especially Miranda, who looks extremely annoyed. Avery walks over to Delahaye and congratulates them on their victory, and tells them to either Reward or Punish a player from another team. 

After some deliberation, Leroy turns to Kaz Lux and says, "We're going to Reward Pua Bei, since his team seems to be happy with him." Pua Bei smiles as Avery walks over to him and hands him a rolled up scroll. Dave looks curious. Pua Bei thanks the host and the two winning teams are sent back to their ships.

Moments later, Avery turns to face Barataria, who still look upset. "Well, not a good start for this team," Avery says, and dismisses them back to their ship to await the Elimination Dinner later that day.

"Peter's lucky. Had we lost, he would definitely be going home. My strategy for challenges is simple: Put myself in the most prominent position, so when we win, I can take the credit for it. That's what being a jock is all about, right? Haha, I know, I sound awful. But this is a game."
Pau Bei
"I am so proud to have recieve the first Reward of the season! I am in a good position, and now I have more time to prove to my team how useful this old, goofy man can be... ahaha!"
"I'm pissed right now. Like, livid. We could have won that challenge if Cameron had switched out with me sooner. The dude could not fire those balls! I'm in a pretty decent position with my team right now, so I'm gonna do everything in my power to get rid of Cameron tonight."

The confessionals play as Barataria boards their ship.

Kaz Lux Ship (Day 2)

Pua Bei is holding up the Reward scroll he recieved proudly as Kaz Lux boards their ship. Everyone gathers around as he unrolls it, and it's revealed that the Reward is below deck,