Survivor: Wiki Showdown!Edit

1st - Ashley Hikari (Ash)
2nd - COKEMAN11 (CK)
3rd - Thebiggesttdifan (Dyna)
4th - Mister.. E. (MrE)
5th - EnTrey (Trey)
6th - Jaxswim (Jax)
7th - Avery FireFlame (Avery)
8th - BrunoSomebody (Bruno)
9th - Sunslicer2 (Sunny)
10th - 1dra7 (Dra)
11th - Toadgamer80 (Toad)
12th - That Epic (Epic)

-- Merge-- 13th - Shadowgeoff (SG)
14th - Nduke (Duke)
15th - Owenandheatherfan (OHF)
16th - GhostNoises (Dylan)

-- Tribe Swap-- 17th - Reddude (Reddy)
18th - Manatee12 (Mana)
19th - SpaceWeather (Space)
20th - NateNJ14 (Nate)


  1. Roderick Edwards (Unwritten Autumn)
  2. June Ardith (Unwritten Autumn)
  3. David Edwards (Unwritten Autumn)
  4. Dylan O'Donnell (Unwritten Autumn)
  5. Fiona Beck (Unwritten Autumn)
  6. Kobé Jett (Unwritten Autumn)
  7. Jasper Coleman (Unwritten Autumn)
  8. Issac Wallace (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  9. Piper Princeton (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  10. Wren Blacke (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  11. Scot Blacke (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  12. Hayden Pierce (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  13. Candace Clayton (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  14. Puckett Lancaster (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  15. Olivia Blacke (The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls)
  16. Patrick Edwards (Starlight)
  17. Layla Prince (Starlight)
  18. Annie Youngblood (Starlight)
  19. Wayne Bellflower (Starlight)

Unwritten SeriesEdit

  1. Unwritten Autumn (2006)
  2. Unwritten Winter (2009)
  3. Unwritten Spring (2013)
  4. Unwritten Summer (2016)

Phantoms SeriesEdit

  1. The Phantoms of Sapphire Falls (2016)
  2. Phantoms of the Emerald Voyage (2018)
  3. Phantoms of the Fireball Fortress (2021)
  4. Phantoms of the Scarlett Peaks (2024)

Starlight SeriesEdit

  1. Starlight (2017)
  2. Starlight 2 (2019)

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